Nuclear Radiation Detector Pen Geiger Counter


  • Geiger counter for nuclear radiation
  • Can detect Beta, Gamma, and X-Ray.Detection range: 0.08 uSv – 50mSv.
  • Compact and light weight pen clip design is easy to wear
  • Standby 50 hours.
  • Equipped with white OLED screen, which is visible at night.
  • Sound and flash two alarm mode, and the alarm threshold can be set by key.

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Reliable Radiation Detector: Radiation detector uses a 48mm counter tube, which can detect the radiation level of any object or any environment at any time. Such as radiation detection, antiques, building materials, furniture, food, etc. Small volume and the clip design is easy to carry.
High Detection Performance: Ultra-fast detection with small measurement error margins, radiation-hardened detector detects Beta, Gamma, X-ray almost instantly,with real-time updates of radiation dose data and interval averages every second.
Easy Operation: Easy to use compact and portable, the operation interface is simple and clear. You don’t need mach professional knowledge.
High Sensitivity: Radiation detector measured and calibrated by the national Bureau of Weight and Measures institute,with high data accuracy. When the dose rate radiation dose exceeds the threshold,an audible and flashing alarm will automatically sound.
Sensor: 48mm counter tube Measurement Range: 0.05uSv ~ 50mSv
Measurement Accuracy: -17% ~ + 25% based on 137Csγ
Working Environment: Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 50℃; Humidity < 95% RH No condensation
Battery Life: 50 Hour (continuous measurement, screen sleep)
Charging Time: 2 to 3 hours Charging Interface: Type-C interface (when charging green light on, and full light off)
Size: 15.3mm*108mm
Weight: 19 g
  • Reliable Radiation Detector: High sensitivity, wide measuring range and long service life. Frequent use of nuclear radiation detectors helps to avoid radiation hazards from the environment in daily life.
  • Fast Response & Wide Measuring Range: The nuclear radiation monitor responds quickly to radiation, and will alarm in time in high-risk environments. The instrument enjoys a high flexibility and can measure the environmental background. The detection value is updated in real time.
  • Large Display Screen: This nuclear radiation detector adopt large OLED display screen for you to read the detecting data clearly and easily, you can get the results in time.
  • Ultra-sensitivity: With upgraded ultra-sensitive chips, this detector has multiple levels of sensitivity, which allow you to accurately find the signal source.
  • Wide Application: Can measure household appliances such as TVs, AC, induction cookers, rice cookers, refrigerators, computers, wires, and other paranormal equipment.
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in


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