What You Don’t Know About Your Drinking Water Can Harm You.

Micro-Plastics, Dioxins, VOCs, Petroleum, Lead, Chromium, Pesticides, Discarded drugs, Fluoride, Bacteria, Virus, Cysts, and many other contaminants are finding their way into our water tables, pipes and homes.

What is in our water?

FACT:  There is no surface water source on our planet that is not polluted at some level.

FACT:  Micro-Plastic,Lead, Petroleum Distillates, Bacteria, and Virus are not addressed to the safest level by our municipal water systems.

FACT:  Cancer rates have skyrocketed while water systems have been in decline for decades.

FACT: Cities are not treating water as well as you think. They treat it as cheaply as possible, at our expense, and put our health at risk.

Bottled water companies like Nestle are making billions, by selling you back your own water in plastic bottles that are killing people with the explosion of micro-plastics in our environment and our bodies.
chemicals and pollution gets into our water table
chemicals and pollution gets into our water table

Our Water is more polluted today than any other time in human history.

Distilling water produces the purest water of any method.

Making the Purest Water Possible with the GRAVI-STIL Emergency Water Distiller/Desalinator and Gravity Water Filter. This system is the only affordable emergency water purification system that can make any water on the planet safe to drink.

Outdoorsie Jen Shows how the Gravi-Stil Works.

Made In The USA.

High Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Surgical Grade Components.

Our Compact Emergency Water Distiller. Use your own pots.

Our Gravity Water Filter with UV Sterilization.

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