What is in our water?

What You Don’t Know About Your Drinking Water Can Harm You.

Micro-Plastics, Dioxins, VOCs, Petroleum, Lead, Chromium, Pesticides, Discarded drugs, Fluoride, Bacteria, Virus, Cysts, and many other contaminants are finding their way into our water tables, pipes and homes.

Our Water is more polluted today than any other time in human history.

FACT:  There is no surface water source on our planet that is not polluted.

FACT:  Lead, Petroleum Distillates, Bacteria, and Virus are not addressed to the safest level by our municipal water systems.

FACT:  Cancer rates have skyrocketed while water systems have been in decline for decades.

EPA Contaminants Found in Water Sources
EPA Contaminants Found in Water Sources
The EPA has a minimum for safety, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe and pure water.  The minimum just means, it won’t kill you immediately.(EPA Document Source)

Cities are not treating water as well as you think. They treat it as cheaply as possible, at our expense, and put our health at risk.


 Bottled water companies are making billions, by selling you back your own water in plastic bottles that are killing people with the explosion of micro-plastics in our environment and our bodies.

chemicals and pollution gets into our water table
chemicals and pollution gets into our water table

Distilling water produces the purest water of any method.

When water boils, liquid water is transformed into a pure water vapor gas leaving all the chemicals, sewage, bacteria, petroleum products, lead, and heavy metals behind.  Then the system transforms the water back into a liquid for pure drinking water.

The biggest change to your health can be as simple as not drinking polluted water.

Making the Purest Water Possible

Gravi-Stil Lab Testing Report
Gravi-Stil Emergency Survival Water Distiller and Water Filter
Gravi-Stil Emergency Survival Water Distiller and Water Filter

Our patent pending Gravi-Stil is the most versatile water purifier on the market.  Not only can the Gravi-Stil operate as a non-electric water distiller, but can desalinate ocean water, brackish water, removes pesticides, chemical compounds, medications, salts, lead, radium, and many other toxins from water.  The Gravi-Stil can also operate as a Gravity Water Filter system using the latest technology in Water Filtration systems. As a Gravity filter the system can produce more than 4 gallons of purified water per hour using accelerated water production.

GRAVI-STIL Water Purifier is the only affordable, non-electric water distiller, desalinator, and gravity water filter system that can purify any water source on the planet, including ocean water, sea water, fresh water, and remove chemicals, and pollution.  Our system can run on wood stoves, gas stoves, and electric stoves, so in an emergency you can have a safe water supply for your family.

Gravi-Stil Emergency Water Filter with high speed pump Made In USA
Gravi-Stil Emergency Water Filter with high speed pump Made In USA

Gravi-Stil Construction

Made In The USA.  We use only high grade stainless steel and surgical grade components.  We have been developing the Gravi-Stil and D-Stil Lite products for years, and only make systems that will have a very long life.  As opposed to other distillers on the market, our system is simple to operate, easy to clean, and can distil ocean water, where most systems cannot handle such high levels of salt and corrosives.

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