SHTFandGO builds equipment so that you can Plan, Prepare, Protect

Family is our most important concern. 
Here at SHTFandGO we are a small family run operation.  We design and manufacture emergency equipment. Our products are effective, unique, and may help you survive an emergency, disaster, or just everyday life. Our Bullet Proof Rocket Stove can be used as an emergency heater or cooking stove.  Our patented non-electric water distillers and water filter systems can make any dirty water source on the planet safe to drink.  Our Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet, provides a simple and effective way to, take care of business, without contaminating soil, causing pathogenic disasters.  When the electric grid fails, drinkable water is in short supply, and the world is in chaos, our products can help your family stay strong through it all.
What is SHTF?  When (Stuff Hits The Fan), you need knowledge, preparations, and the proper equipment to survive a disaster or emergency.  
You need a PLAN
You need to PREPARE
You need to PROTECT your family.
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