Emergency USB Metal Thumb Drive with Survival Software

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When disaster strikes your home.  Do you have all your important information and documents safe?

Store your important documents and information to be sure everything you own, know, and easily retrievable.

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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, Fire, and War, can take your home and all of its contents at any moment.  Do you have all your important documents backed up?  Why don’t you keep the documents with you at all times.  Now it’s easy.  Access insurance policy, mortgage deed, passport, drivers license, firearm records, financial documents and locations with ease from any computer.

What’s on the USB Drive:

The USB drive has a portable application that allows you to access you data on any computer without loading any software or leaving a trace.  The applications are built to run on Windows machines, but the data can be made accessible through any type of computer by adding desired files and text to the included folders on the drive.

  • Hundreds of Free Survival E-Books
  • Bible in multiple versions
  • Survival Guide Software
    • Logs
    • Hundreds of recipes
    • Firearms logs
    • Address Book
    • Supplies locations
    • Financial documents
    • Upload personal documents (Passport, Deeds, Insurance Documents)
  • PDF Reader
  • Built in Web browser
  • Money Manager
  • Word Processor
  • Spreadsheet Application
  • Encryption Software to keep your data safe
  • 100’s of downloadable apps
  • 8GB of storage would allow you to store 7 millions pages of text.  Now that’s a lot of data.

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