Off-Grid, Survival, and Emergency.

Do you have the resources to survive?

Family is our most important concern.  Providing clean drinking water in an emergency.  Heating and Cooking equipment, and survival food storage systems will get you through any disaster.

Here at SHTFandGO.  We manufacture some most effective survival equipment.  Our Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves and emergency heaters provide heat and cooking capabilities and our Non-Electric Water distillers and Water purifiers are used around the world for disaster relief, humanitarian purposes, and emergency.  Our survival food not only lasts 25+ years in storage, but unlike our competitors, actually tastes like real food, and is something you will like to eat.  Don’t believe us, try it

To Survive if SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan), you need knowledge and equipment to survive a disaster or emergency.  Survival Equipment like Hyper Efficient Rocket Stoves for Cooking and Heating, Emergency Food that doesn’t need refrigeration, and Emergency Water Filters and Distillers will ensure you and your family will survive.


You need a PLAN

You need to PREPARE

You need to PROTECT your family.

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